Extended ebook content for Ten Lessons to Transform Your Marriage

Exercise: Establish a Ritual for Stress-Reducing Conversation

Exercise: Listen for the Longing Behind Your Partner’s Complaints

Exercise: Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Exercise: Thanksgiving Checklist

Exercise: The Marital Poop Detector

Exercise: Three Things I Like About You

Exercise: Turning Harsh Start-up to Softened Start-up

Exercise: Turning Toward Your Partner’s Bids for Connection

Exercise: Using the Aikido Principle to Accept Influence

Exercise: What’s Your Mission? What’s Your Legacy?

Quiz: Are You Anxious?

Quiz: Are You Depressed?

Quiz: Are You Open to Your Partner’s Influence?

Quiz: Do You Avoid Conflicts, or Do You Talk About Them?

Quiz: Harsh Start-up: A Problem in Your Marriage?

Quiz: How Do You Feel About Anger?

Quiz: How Much Stress Have You Had Lately?

Quiz: Is There More Room for Fondness and Admiration in Your Marriage?

Quiz: Is There Too Much Criticism in Your Relationship?

Quiz: Is Your Marriage Child Centered?

Quiz: What Are the Dreams Within Your Conflicts?

Quiz: What Are Your Perpetual Issues and What Are Your Gridlocked Problems?

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